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Our trademarked slogan stems from my childhood, as my father used to explain to me that brave people must step up in a time when they are most need. Whether one is fighting for freedom, civil liberties, or protecting those freedoms and liberties, the sacrifices shall never be forgotten.

This extends to those individuals that sacrifice for their country in the exploration of new lands, whether it be in the past, present, or future; the individuals that sacrificed their health and well-being to tend to the sick and injured, and to those indivudals who have made personal sacrifices that benefited the greater good of society. Stand up for what you believe, and always be prepared to rise to the occasion.

- 18" x 24" Screen-printed on wool felt (Pictured being held up) -

- 24" x 30" Hand-stitched on wool felt (Up close picture) -

- Made in the USA -